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Helping you get up to 6 million pesos loan and start in 90 days

Helping you get up to 6 million pesos loan and start in 90 days

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Urban Deca Homes Ortigas

For Business or Personal Investment

  • Ready for Occupancy

  • 3.1M - 2 bedroom unit - 30.60sqm

  • Php 21,000 per month amortization

  • Rental Business Ready

  • Airbnb Ready

  • Lipat agad Promo (No Downpayment)

  • Low Reservation Fee

FAQ in Urban Deca Homes Ortigas

How Much per Month?

Loan Financing Option

Pag-ibig - PHP 21-23,000 / month (No Down Payment Promo) - up to 30 years to pay

In-house - PHP 29,000/ month (8% Down Payment)

Bank - PHP 24,000 / month (10% Down Payment) - BPI, BDO, Security Bank

*Lump sum and flexible years payment available

*Amortization depends on the zone of the unit

How to Reserve and Requirements?

PHP 10,000 Reservation Cash Out


-1 valid ID with Signature

-Proof of Income / Pay slip of Principal buyer (Principal + Co-owner if the principal owner did not meet required income)

*Required income Php 60,000 / month (base salary + allowance)

*Sample (Principal owner salary and allowance Php 35,000 + Co-owner salary Php 25,000)

-Birth Certificate

-1x1 picture (3pcs)

**Agent will email additional loan requirements

Rental Property Set-up / Lipat Agad Option

Move in 2-3 weeks or Start your own Rental Property Business

-PHP 300,000 Downpayment

-PHP 29,000 / month amortization

-PHP 11,500 one-time payment (move-in fee to cover association membership and utility installation)

Rental Property Set up (Market Price/Rates)

You can open a rental business as soon as possible (Rates as of Dec 2022)

-Bed space rate = PHP 5,000 to PHP 6,000 per person

-Full condo semi furnished = PHP 30,000 to PHP 35,000

*Turn your condo into a self-liquidating asset - the tenants will pay for your monthly amortization

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